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Welcome to Aradhya Overseas

Delivering Handmade Pleasures since decade

Authentic Hand Woven Rugs

Intricate craftmanship, made by artisans preserving their heritage

Intricate Workmanship

Pure weaving inherited in every rug

Socially Responsible

Providing work to rural women to help them support their families

Our Values

Exploring endless possibilities in a design-forward culture that generates value through cutting-edge, modern design

Welcome to Aradhya Overseas

Playful collection of
area rugs suitable for
every home space- be it
naturals, neutrals, subtle,
classic, chick, bohemian
or whatever any decor

Best Quality Rugs 

We stand tall when we claim this! Request for small sample swatches and see for yourself.

Huge Collection

This mean, new development is an ongoing process here at Aradhya Overseas. You are never short of the options. 

Customization Available

Yes, we are open to any type of customization, be it design, colors, materials etc.

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Why Handmade Rugs are so Special!

Handmade rugs have always been the choice of Modern-Classic home owners around the world and for obvious reasons. First being the ‘hand made’itself, the textures and weaves that they offer are just perfect to be imperfect when compered to machine-made rugs. Be it a traditional hand knotted rug, playful pit-loom rug, sophisticated punja kilim or just handloom; they are celebrated in every living space. Luxury hotels, resorts or beautiful homes, they compliment every aesthetic and decor. Another very important reason behind the popularity of the handmade rugs is that they are manufactured by artisans living mostly in rural areas, thus they provide employment and support the families living in hard conditions. So when you buy a handmade rug, it has a reason for you too feel good and socially responsible as you have helped an artisan to make another beautiful rug!

Aradhya Overseas

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